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Watch American Caricature on YouTube now!

After a successful (though brief) run on Amazon Prime Video, we've decided to make American Caricature available to all by uploading the entire film to YouTube! After Amazon dropped us, we did some searching to find a new streaming home for American Caricature, but our options were limited. Our odds of turning up on another major streaming service were greatly reduced. Unfortunately, indie filmmakers still lack a path to Netflix or Hulu without a distribution partner. There are aggregator services out there that we could pay into, and they would be middlemen to the streaming giants. But the costs up front, which can run thousands of dollars, appear to outweigh the potential royalties from those services. And paying in by no means guarantees a deal with a streaming service, either. The Amazon Prime Direct program was great for indie filmmakers like ourselves. It allowed us to upload directly to the service and collect a small amount of royalties with each minute streamed. So we were sad to learn they were no longer showing user-submitted nonfiction through this channel, which cut us off from our audience.

We started American Caricature as a passion project - a passion for caricature, film-making, and storytelling. We knew it would likely cost us more money than we make - and every Kickstarter backer, every stream, every ticket purchase, every digital rental has helped keep us afloat. We're grateful for all of it. Our intention from the beginning was for this movie to be widely accessible to influence and inspire as many as possible. I can think of no better way to carry out that goal than by making it available freely, universally, on YouTube.

So please, watch it on YouTube. If you still want to support us, share the link with your friends. Add a comment. Like the video and subscribe to Lucky Card Productions. I know that's cliche at this point, but every like, share, and subscription on YouTube helps us out. And of course, you can still rent or buy the film on this site if you wish to support us in that way.

Thank you all, and enjoy the film!


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