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Lift Off First Time Filmmakers Sessions (LIVE now!)

Update: Watch now at this link:

We are proud to announce that American Caricature has been selected for the Lift-Off Global Network's First Time Filmmakers Sessions! Starting this Sunday, April 23, you'll be able to watch American Caricature on Vimeo on Demand though May 3. From Lift-Off:

The Lift-Off Sessions is an online showcase, dedicated to bringing new audiences to the indie film market, ending with an annual live screening of the winning films from our home at Pinewood Studios in the UK.
Every film will be screened for 1 week, via Vimeo On Demand, an exceptional online streaming service that is available through Smart TV's, desktops, and a whole bunch of mobile devices including tablets and phones. Each film will sit within their respective programmes, with the top five voted films on each page being sent through to our final round.
The first round is open to the general public, who rent the entire collection of films for the full duration of the week. Everyone must vote for both their favourite, and second favourite film (by writing in the comments section on the Vimeo page).
The top 5 films from each page of the social round will be sent to Lift-Off's Internal Judges, who will go further in-depth and score the films based on multiple aspects. The film with the highest overall score wins.


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