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An Interview With Glenn Ferguson

In January 2015, we interviewed master caricature artist Glenn Ferguson. A year later, Glenn was the vicitm of a vicious attack that left him with critical brain injuries. A GoFundMe page was created to help with his mounting medical costs, and we released this video to raise awareness of the fundraiser and to give the world a look at Glenn as an artist and a person. The original fundraiser was a huge success and has since been deactivated. Though Glenn is now back at home, he's still recovering day by day. The process is slow, but he and his wife, Jo-Ann, remain hopeful. We wish him the best. The current donation link can be found here: www.gofundme.com/glennferguson73


Note: Due to the immediacy of the cause, we weren't able to fine-tune the video exactly how we would have liked. This is a considerably rough edit and isn't without its hiccups. Please forgive the mono audio track - I know some have had trouble hearing the audio because of this. Make sure both speakers are working on your device and you should be fine.

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