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Kickstarter Campaign is now LIVE!

You might be asking, "If the movie is nearly done, then why are you asking for money?" Great question, hypothetical person. Allow me to respond - We took things as far as we could with our own time, money, blood, sweat, and tears. All in all we've spent five years and around $7,000 to make the movie we wanted to make. However, these next few crucial steps - color grading and audio mixing  - are beyond our abilities (and finances). For this movie to to really shine, it has to be able to play as well in a surround sound cinema as it does on a TV, laptop, or tablet. So we're bringing in the experts for the finishing touches - and expert work doesn't come cheap. Beyond that, we will be submitting to as many film festivals as we can, and those submission fees add up. We're shooting for $12,500 just to offset our upcoming expenses. We actually are anticipating a much higher bill once all is said and done.

So to cover the costs of making this movie look and sound as great as it can, we're offering some cool rewards for backers who want to support us. 

$35: American Caricature (digital download)

Starting here, every tier includes a digital copy of American Caricature, a digital bonus content package, and your name in the credits of the film!

$50: Glenn Fergsuon: After the Storm (digital companion short film)

Glenn Ferguson: After the Storm is a companion short film to American Caricature. Glenn is an award winning master of caricature who's experience and insight feature prominently throughout