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Buy, Rent, or Stream American Caricature Today!

Howdy folks! We're excited to share that American Caricature is now available across several platforms! For those who wish to purchase their own digital copy of the film, you can do so right here on! (See below)

This *should* be accessible worldwide, regardless of where you live (Lookin' at you Canada, Japan, and Arkansas!)

And for our US and UK friends and fans, American Caricature is available on Amazon Prime Video! Rent (without a Prime account) or stream (free with a Prime account). If you check it out there, please let us know what you think by leaving a rating and review!


But Wait, There's More!

Lastly, we've launched the official American Caricature Merch Store, featuring this limited edition screen printed poster art tee! We've also got mugs, hats, hoodies, and fashionable items for your tiny humans, as well.

<3 Tom and Joe


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