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Face the Truth with Jason Seiler

Two things:

First and foremost - American Caricature is ALMOST DONE. Joe and I had our first run through viewing two weeks ago, and have been making adjustments in preparation for a round or two of critique screenings. That alone is worth celebrating!

Second: We were recently guests on our friend's podcast, Face the Truth with Jason Seiler! We talk about the movie, of course, but also live caricature techniques, the upcoming ISCA convention, and our past lives as strippers. Also, we got a bunch of cool caricatures done of us by fans, so you get to see us react to that if you watch the YouTube version. Thank you to everyone who took the time to draw us, and a shout out to Gui Barbosa who won a Cintiq drawing tablet for his contribtuion! Check out the video below - like and subscribe to help Jason move up the YouTube and podcast app ranks, and stick around til the end to see an exclusive clip from American Caricature!


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