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The Ohio State Fair

Last week ended the twelve-day stretch of the Ohio State Fair. I along with Rob Hren, Tony Sobota, and guest artists Natalie Yeckley, Eric Smith, Allison Kennedy, Jake Weisman, and Derek Brennan took to the task of drawing thousands of guests, day-in and day-out. Joe was there with us to help film and document it all. The Ohio State Fair is a huge event, and it was the perfect environment to capture the lives of working caricature artists. Not only was the In Your Face crew (as listed above) present, we also shadowed Tim Reed's Caricature Ink crew including Tim, Amanda Hackert, Mary Kay Williams, Dennis Hart, Jeff Arce, and Cat Hupp. Artists from all over the country gathereed together to give it their all, and we filmed as much of it as we could.

I can't wait to start poring through the footage. We got a lot of raw insights from the artists and Joe shot a lot of beautiful scenes from the fair. We even took to the skies to get an aerial shot of the city of Columbus and of the fair itself. I hope you're as excited as we are to see how this comes together in the final film.

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