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Want to have some of your work featured in American Caricature? Use the submission forms below to submit either artwork or video footage. For artwork, we're looking for high-resolution digital files or scans (300 dpi, RGB in JPG, PNG, or TIFF) of finished work. The more recognizable the subject, the better! Bonus points for topical subjects. We're also looking for archival photos of past ISCA/NCN Conventions (Especially the first one!). If you or someone you know has access to that kind of thing, send them along. Use the Artwork Submission Form to submit any still images.

As for video footage - Right now we're primarily looking for archival footage of past ISCA/NCN conventions (Just as above, especially the first one!). We also would love to have more footage of artists at work! We need footage of gig artists at their events! We can also use footage of retail artists at their booths! Use the Video Submission Form below to send any of that our way. HD footage will be given preference, but in the case of archival work, it's understandable that it may be of lower resolution. But for the love of everything PLEASE only send landscape (horizontal) footage. Anything shot vertically will be entirely useless.

Also - by submitting any artwork, photos, or videos, you're agreeing that you own or have the right to distribute the material. Submission is entirely voluntary, and while we cannot compensate you if we use any of it (and we can't guarantee we'll use any of it), we will give you proper recognition in the film's credits. In the file include your name, and a brief description of the footage (Example: or TomFaraci_OzzyOsbournePainting.jpg) Sound like a good deal? Great, just make sure you use the right form!

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